LookUpAsheville Mission

The bottom line of the LookUp Mission is simple.  There are truly strange and mysterious things happening in earths sky’s all over the world.  I’m not saying that ET’s ride has finally showed up simply that millions of people are not all hallucinating.  The LookUp Mission Challenges everyone to just take a little time and sit under the stars at night , keep an open mind and observe and document  any events that occur.  I have always been interested in strange sky phenomena but decided i was tired of looking at evidence that other people experienced.  So i started spending short 20-45 minutes sitdowns in my yard at night on an almost daily basis.  The things i have personally seen in just about the past 2 months has been amazing.  I don’t pretend to have any idea of what most of the phenomena   i have observed actually is and who or what might be in control, I simply wish to document my experiences and keep records of them.  Since Asheville North Carolina is where i live that is where I will try to put groups together to go out stargazing with and will try to keep some sort of thread available to all my locals! Though all comments / content from any location is encouraged.  In fact I think it would be great if my doing something about my curiosity inspired someone to start their own local LookUp project.


  1. amir says:

    dear sir
    I have read alot about ufo sightings but these things happen on other places , why do you thing countries like mine do not see these ufos in our skies .

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